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CMC for oil drilling

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cmc for drilling

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Product Description


1) Technical grade sodium carboxy methyl cellulose used for oil drilling,
geological prospecting and natural gas extract mine
2) Anti-salt, anti-high-temperature
3) No-toxic
4) Increase the viscosity of the mud and can control the mud fluid loss

1) Appearance: free flowing off white powder
2) Moisture content: 10.0% (max.)
3) PH of solution: 6.0 - 8.5
4) Particle size: 95% (min.)
5) Passes through 40 meshes
6) Mud performance properties 600r/m reading value
a) 2.2g in 350ml distilled water 30
b) 2.7g in 350ml 4% nacl: 30
c) 2.5g in 350ml saturated navl: 30

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